CFD Dividend rate 20221121

CFD Dividend rate (Weekly)
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday System Calculation Time*
JPN225           23:59
XINA50           23:59
HK50     45.00 10.00   23:59
UK100     899.00     23:59
GER30           23:59
NAS100 14.00 78.00       23:59
SPX500 10.00 21.00   12.00 2.00 23:59
US30           23:59

* Please Note :CFD Dividend Rate above are provided ahead of the 06:00 system time on each Monday, such are indicative rates only. The final executed dividend rates may be materially different from the indicative rates. CFD Dividend will be settled in the Balance as part of the Deposit or Withdrawal amount in the MT4 account with “Dividend” comment.

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