“1+ 1 > 2” Seminar Aimed at Assisting Investors to Formulate Ideal Investment Strategy

Goldwell Capital Co., Ltd. (Goldwell Capital) organized a well-presented seminar, with the topic “Investment Choice: 1 + 1 > 2” on May 26, 2018 at Cambodia-Japan Corporation Center, with a view to educate investors in formulating more comprehensive investment strategy. This seminar covered a series of detailed essentials for investors to put themselves to a position where they can deeply understand derivatives trading and also how to manage their investment risks to realize their financial goals.

Mr. Chea Punlok, Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital, also respected as a leader possessing an international perspective with nearly 10-year experience in the financial field, welcomed and thanked all participants for attending the seminar with an opening speech. Mr. Punlok also showed his sincere gratitude to Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia for setting up meticulous rules and regulations to protect brokers and investors. He then raised Goldwell Capital’s mission in offering the most innovative trading services in the derivative to its clients, so that Goldwell Capital is striving to deliver the financial knowledge to Cambodian people to enable seeking for golden investment chances.” He added, “By investing in Goldwell Capital Co., Ltd, we guarantee that your investment is carefully managed by our team of professionals, following robust procedures, thus, you can rest your mind at ease while trading with international market.”

Mr. Neph Vargas, Marketing Director of Goldwell Capital, shared his view on the bright future of Cambodia and the mission of Goldwell Capital. He explained his positive view on the country itself as a foreigner that he has seen the internal factors, such as booming economy, increasing domestic demands, reformed laws and regulation, and external factors, like “Belt and Road” initiative, increasing foreign investment, more profound influence in international matters, are proving that Cambodia possess great potential and becomes the regional economic locomotive.

Goldwell has invited a professional investment trainer, is a financial specialist who got his higher education in Australia and has accumulated 29 years of experience in the international financial field. He is highly skilled in educating investors on the knowhow of investing in the derivative market with a comprehensive strategy.

The trainer emphasized that learning is the principle foundation for path of success in the derivative markets. With the help of practical examples, this seminar enabled participants to familiarize themselves with the basic technical and fundamental analysis techniques helping them follow up with the market trends and price action to know when the time is right to invest, and how to apply risk management. It is the solid education that participants need to have a clear understanding of how successful investing can be.

Throughout this fruitful and practical training contents, participants showed their passion during this training session and requested for another seminar to broaden their investment understanding about the financial markets in Cambodia.

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