A Letter to the Spring — Wuhan fighting, China fighting

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, it has received attention from all over the world. When difficulties arise in one place, we are glad to see that aid comes from everywhere. Various sectors of the community are willing to lend a helping hand and show great love and support to the frontlines. Regarding to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, Goldwell Capital launched a campaign, namely “A letter to the Spring — Wuhan fighting, China fighting”. The campaign aims to encourage everyone, including colleagues, customers, peers and friends, to deliver warm blessings with creativity to those in need by drawing cards with their own hands.

Everyone proactively participated in the campaign and invited families and friends to join. Blessing cards were collected from all over the world, such as Cambodia, the United States, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Everyone expressed their sincerity and love in pictures and words. We do not need to speak the same language to share the same minds and we do not need to come from the same country to share love. In the face of crisis, we are all in this together by sharing the same faith and love, though we are from all races, all blood lines.

In addition, Goldwell Capital also conducted means of hygiene prevention training activity in order to raise awareness in offices and daily life. Staffs are reminded that they should always wear a surgical mask, wash their hands thoroughly and frequently, maintain good ventilation and avoid crowded places. A healthy and safe community is built on all little things that done by each of us. Furthermore, Goldwell Capital is also inviting people to send blessings to those in needs and the frontlines in Wuhan.

Spring made a late arrival this year, but it will still come sooner or later and so does happiness.
When Spring comes, everything will be in order and start recovery. With this letter carrying tons of blessings and love, we are wishing everything would be safe and sound when Spring comes. May this letter send over the fragrance of flowers to those who are making strenuous efforts in the face of difficulties. We all stand together and we shall overcome. Wuhan fighting, China fighting!

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