Skills Come from Consistency and Practice
Congratulations to Goldwell Capital for successfully completing 50 sessions of “Equity Recommendation”

Goldwell Capital’s platform provides clients with a series of equity CFD investment products such as Facebook, Tesla, Alibaba, Apple, Hong Kong Exchanges (HKEX), Tencent, Meituan, and many other instruments for more investment options and increase their channels for wealth accumulation. Since last year, Goldwell Capital has held this “Equity Recommendation” session once a week with famous teachers. So far, we have successfully completed 50 sessions, all well-appreciated by the majority of investors.

“Equity Recommendation” session by Goldwell Capital is a training course aimed at explaining the trend of equity CFD trading and exploring good investment opportunities. A group of famous equity trading experts gathers in the “Goldwell Live Training Room” to comprehensively and thoroughly introduce basic knowledge and investment skills in the equity market through online live broadcasts, focusing on the combination of fundamental and technical aspects. Moreover, in every live class, teachers would recommend two equity products with great investment value for investors. In all, the whole sessions are wonderful and interesting within an enthusiastic atmosphere, so that investors can easily understand the great wisdom of the process of equity investment and enjoy the happiness and opportunities brought by the capital market.

Every single session embodies the enthusiasm of teachers Bang Mei and Wen Yi. Based on their many years of experience in the industry, they will help all clients formulate more efficient investment strategies and optimize their investment portfolio with a strategic vision and an accurate grasp of market trends. “Equity Recommendation” session is instrumental support in the investment process of our clients.

Goldwell Capital will be more determined, bold, and proactive to lead our clients on the road of wealth appreciation and the creation of a better new journey.

Consistency and practice lead to skills!

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