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Congratulations to Goldwell Capital for Successfully Holding “Non-Farm Payrolls Night”

On May 06, 2022, the United States (US) Non-farm payrolls data for April was released in accordance with its release schedule on Friday of each month’s first week. Therefore, on this occasion which is worth getting attention from market players all around the financial industry, Goldwell Capital held an event called “Non-Farm Payrolls Night” where our guests got together to discuss the global financial situation, along with a good banquet.

The US Non-farm payrolls data is the data surveyed and released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the US Department of Labor, reflecting the employment status of the US excluding farm workers and workers in a handful of other job classifications. As known, agriculture accounts for a small proportion of the US economy while the change in non-agricultural employment reflects the development of manufacturing and service industries. Hence the Non-farm payrolls data is objectively a key economic indicator and also the main reference data for the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) monetary policy adjustment, which would affect the trend of the US dollar currency. Based on the influence of the US and its currency, the US Non-farm payrolls data is regarded as the “Most Powerful Data”.

During the event, Goldwell Capital Chief Executive Officer Mr. George Black shared financial knowledge and analyzed economic trends for all the participants. Mr. George Black made remarks that, “Presently, the global market is focusing on the policy orientation of the Fed towards plans for increasing interest rate and shrinking its balance sheet. In the past, when the Fed entered the tightening cycle, the global financial markets, especially emerging markets, would be volatile. Cambodia, one of the world’s emerging market economies, is also facing challenges. However, obstacles and opportunities go hand in hand. Goldwell Capital has always been active to provide clients with reasonable asset allocation plans to resist risks and seize opportunities.” After the meaningful speech session, all participants showed their praise, deep understanding and interest in the event.

Also, Goldwell Capital creatively prepared an interesting session “Let’s Reach the Peak with Non-Farm Payrolls Night”, which required the participants to take on trading challenges to profit through the Demo Accounts provided by the company. Challengers who got ranked among the top three would receive rewards. As time passed, following the sound of the countdown, the Non-farm payrolls data came as scheduled. By watching the market price goes up and down with an enthusiastic crowd, the event burst into cheers.

Goldwell Capital has constantly devoted its time and put its efforts into promoting the development of the derivatives industry as well as providing clients with professional dedicated services and the most superior products in the market. Goldwell Capital will continue to move forward, organize more financial activities and support the advancement of Cambodia’s financial industry.

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