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At present, the online live broadcast industry is in a developing trend of steady improvement, and the application of the “finance + live broadcast” model is becoming more and more mature. As the backbone of the financial industry, Goldwell Capital dares to be the first, and has been committed to leading the development of the financial market. On October 11, 2022, Mr. George Black, Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital, came to the financial live broadcast room of the Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) and personally held a wonderful financial live broadcast show for our clients and friends.

Traditional financial knowledge sharing mostly involves setting up offline classrooms for teaching and communicating, or popularizing financial knowledge through articles. Offline financial knowledge sharing is often limited by time and space, and at the same time, the number of the number of people who are willing to share is also limited sharing is also limited. Furthermore, in the current era of streaming media, with articles popularizing and sharing investment ideas, fewer and fewer audiences are willing to read.

Goldwell Capital joined hands with CDX to share professional financial knowledge and high-quality financial products with the public through live broadcast. This time, Goldwell Capital made the financial scene online through the form of live broadcast, breaking the limitation of time and space. During the live broadcast, Mr. George Black shared, “different from traditional financial knowledge sharing, financial live broadcast can get real-time interaction and answer audience questions in a timely manner.”

Through live broadcast, speakers utilize easy-to-understand language, professional perspective and profound knowledge to popularize financial knowledge and introduce financial products to all viewers online. Once users encounter problems in the learning process, they can leave a message in the comment section to give immediate feedback to the staff in the live broadcast room, and get answers to relevant questions in a timely manner.

Today is an era where all people focus on live broadcasts. In the wave of live broadcasts, Goldwell Capital has opened up a way of using live broadcasts to conduct financial knowledge training and financial education, providing new impetus for the digital transformation of the financial industry.

Looking forward to the future, Goldwell Capital will continue to enrich the live broadcast content, bring users a better live broadcast experience, and continue to develop a healthy and long-term path of financial live broadcast, so as to achieve a step closer to the daily life of finance and the public.

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