Goldwell Capital Attends Booth Show of "Derivatives Knowledge Promotion"

On 24th-25th June 2022, Goldwell Capital’s management led its team to the financial booth show at Aeon Mall Phnom Penh to share knowledge about derivatives and cutting-edge economic information related to the derivatives market as a way of supporting the growth of Cambodia’s financial industry.

It is worth highlighting that Aeon Mall Phnom Penh is located in the city’s commercial district and covers 68,000 square meters, which is a well-known local shopping and entertainment complex. As a consequence, a steady stream of people came to the booth for consultations during this 2-day event, making the atmosphere quite exciting.

The theme of this booth show was “Derivatives Knowledge Promotion”, aimed at sharing basic derivatives knowledge, relevant regulations, trending financial news, and general industry knowledge. This could assist more and more targeted people in establishing a scientific concept of investment.

During the event, Goldwell Capital distributed brochures to the public and provided face-to-face consultations, elaborating common financial information through an easy-to-understand manner and vivid scenarios, thereby improving public awareness and comprehension of the derivatives market.

Through the presentation, Goldwell Capital’s management stated, “Finance is not far from us, and we can see it everywhere. As a result, understanding and utilizing financial information and skills shall improve our lives. Particularly in this high-inflationary environment, we must harness the potential of financial investment to minimize the dangers posed by inflation.

Goldwell Capital has always been dedicated to providing clients with a safe, stable, and reliable trading platform in which they can place their faith. Furthermore, we also provide clients with competent, great services, and the market’s most superior products, assisting them in seizing the finest investment opportunities.”

Serving as the financial industry’s backbone, Goldwell Capital frequently arranges and participates in financial booth shows and continually imparts derivatives expertise and experience to the public. Clearly, we will continue to preserve the spirit of hard work, strive for quality, and contribute to a faster growth of Cambodia’s financial industry.

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