According to the official report for April 2021 issued by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), Goldwell Capital once again ranked among the top three derivative brokers in Cambodia. Since its establishment, Goldwell Capital has committed to providing its clients with a safe, stable and reliable trading platform, allowing them to trade in a trustworthy trading environment.

Mr. George Black, Chief Financial Advisor of Goldwell Capital, said: “Goldwell Capital has always attached great importance of maintaining friendly, close and trustworthy relationships with our clients. We are also working hard to build a world-class team of financial experts and high-end platforms in order to provide clients with professional fundamental and technical market analysis, excellent services, and dynamic products in the market as we strive to become the world’s top broker.”

Regarding Goldwell Capital’s future development strategy, Mr. George Black pointed out that the derivatives industry could help improve the lives of Cambodian people and provide them with new opportunities to fight against inflation and to create wealth. At the same time, Cambodia has unique geographical advantages as Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand are all easily accessible to Cambodia. In recent years, Cambodia has benefited from the development of China’s “The Belt and Road Initiative” and has evolved to become a hub of economic development in Southeast Asia. Firmer than ever, the country is positioned as the locomotive of the economic growth in the region, especially since the recent oil production. Goldwell Capital intends to keep vigorously promoting Cambodia to attract foreign investors to settle in, and strive to bring a new scene to Southeast Asia. In 2021, Goldwell Capital will continue to advance, explore and create for the whole derivatives sector.

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