Goldwell Capital Held a Seminar to Sow the Seeds of Financial Investment Knowledge

Committed to enhancing the corporate brand effect, Goldwell Capital has been actively organizing financial seminars in different regions and platforms to deliver professional investment and financial management knowledge and allow investors to widely understand derivative trading as an investment tool. On February 16, Goldwell Capital was very honored to invite Mr. Zhen Quanxi, who has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry, to attend the seminar held at the Golden Tower in Phnom Penh. Mr. Zhen introduced Goldwell Capital to the guests at the scene, and shared the valuable investment and financial management experience accumulated in the precious metals and foreign exchange markets for many years.

The topic of this seminar is “Methods to avoid forced liquidation”. Focusing on this topic, Mr. Zhen shared the tip is “big funds, small position” base on his accumulated years of trading experience, and the safety of funds is the primary condition for “big funds”. After that, Mr. Zhen introduced Goldwell Capital brand and background to the guests. As a top broker engaged in leveraged derivatives trading, Goldwell Capital is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC). In addition, Goldwell Capital sincerely provides high-quality services and professional trading platform for clients to conduct transactions in a safe and reliable environment to ensure the security of their funds. Mr Zhen affirmed that Goldwell Capital is the first choice of investors!

At the seminar, Mr. Zhen proposed four “how” to the guests including how to use breaking news to grasp the market chances, how to use the fundamental data of each country to conduct the medium and long-term trend trading, how to do good fund risk management which is “big funds, small positions, sufficient funds, and flexible response” and how to use Martin’s trading method to unlock under a stop loss position and defeat it. The guests learned a lot under the analysis on the key nodes that need special attention when trading. During the interactive session, the guests actively sought advice from Mr. Zhen, and Mr. Zhen also answered questions one by one. With a lively discussion, the training seminar was successfully concluded.

With the mission of providing clients with professional services and superior products, Goldwell Capital has been committed to promoting the development of derivative market. In 2020, Goldwell Capital will continue to move forward, strive to innovate, and create new glories.

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