Goldwell Capital Internal Role Play Competition

Goldwell Capital has been actively organizing various internal training programs for the staff to equip and advance their business skills and industry knowledge, establishing a professional and innovative team. On 3rd March, 2020, Goldwell Capital has orchestrated a role play competition that was examined and advised by an adjudicator led by Mr. George Black, Chief Financial Advisor of Goldwell Capital. The competitors are assessed by their business ability and conversation skills.

Ten competitors have played one after another and each of them was managed to interact with clients with different background confidentially and professionally. Competitors skillfully introduced the company background and training products, concisely answer various questions from clients regarding how to capitalize in the corona virus situation and how to react and use other financial tools when the global stock market volatile.  The audience was enthusiastic and cheered for the wonderful performance of the competitors. The outstanding competitors were awarded honorary certificates and trophies by Mr. George Black.

“The result of this competition is only a summary of this period of time, and it is only the beginning.” Mr. Black said. “The competitors shared their valuable experience through the competition, and also found their room for improvement, so they can continue to adapt different situations so that we can better at tailor making business plans for our clients.” This also represents the spirit of Goldwell Capital, “There is no best, only better”. In the future, Goldwell Capital will continue to serve clients wholeheartedly and provide clients with professional and high-quality services.

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