Goldwell Capital Launches TokLonY Program
for Investors to Achieve Financial Independence

On May 26th, 2022, Goldwell Capital launched an unprecedented program called “TokLonY” for the public, especially investors and traders who are interested in the derivatives industry and have constantly pursued new, effective trading skills.

TokLonY (Tokyo, London, and New York) Network of Phnom Penh is the champion of financial independence in Cambodia in this new era. This innovative program seeks to educate all attentive individuals who demand a high standard of trading excellence to create the best possible investment results by knowing the market secrets as well as how to make daily profits inside out.

Mr. George Black, Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital, said that, “there is no success without hardship and perseverance. Today’s new experience might be challenging, but it will not take that long for us to be thrilled once we commit ourselves to consistent practices and goal accomplishment,”

“TokLonY was born after two years of our network development and efforts among our members including top international teams. Now, we are grateful that it finally becomes crucial to further inspire the spirit of Cambodia’s financial sector, so as to assist all related players to expand their investment choices, plant their investment seeds, and harvest returns on their investments,” added Mr. Black George.

Goldwell Capital is optimistic about launching various educational and beneficial programs such as seminars, workshops, training courses, interviews, analysis articles, and live broadcasts, all manned by experienced experts. We set our sights on helping Cambodia to be one of the best investment markets in Asia and the world.

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