Goldwell Capital Organizes Mid-Autumn Stock Investment Gala

On September 15, 2021, Goldwell Capital (GWC) cheerfully celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival under the theme of GWC Autumn Stock Investment Gala, with main purposes of appreciating the hard work and support of related individuals, fostering relationship, introducing golden opportunities, and discussing investment plans, all of which would help the company and all the related individuals rest assured that the next Mooncake Festival would be even more prosperous and delightful.

With such significance, Mr. George Black, Chief Financial Advisor of Goldwell Capital, raised in his speech that, “I would like to take this great opportunity to refresh our commitment to the long-term development so as to make further progress for Goldwell Capital as well as our clients despite the ongoing difficulty over the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“No matter how far we are away from each other or how difficult we have to find ways to keep our communication and business activities active, the level of professionalism we own, the efforts we put into, and the investment opportunities we offer still hold true for our clients, promoting our ever-lasting business advancement. As a result, Goldwell Capital has always been among the top three derivative brokers in Cambodia,” he added.

As the celebration event was for both an occasional reunion and a great platform where business development could be shared, discussed, and planned ahead, Mr. Chea Punlok, Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital, also revealed that, “for the benefits of our clients and the whole Cambodia derivatives market, we are proud to present the addition of our new investment products in the form of Equity CFDs, providing our valued clients and prospects with more options to diversify their investment portfolios and accumulate their wealth, which will allow us to grow together with ease and sustainability.”

“Household names of big brands such as Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, Tesla, Alibaba, and many more are now available for investors to trade globally through Goldwell Capital’s assistance, thanks to our channels and brokerages in the Asia Pacific regions who are working hard to develop the market as we understand the promotion of the derivatives-related knowledge will no doubt transfer to more participation in these opportunistic countries,” added Mr. Punlok.

Lastly, Goldwell Capital expressed its deep appreciation for all individuals’ efforts and contributions, envisaging that Goldwell Capital would remain a significant part of the growth of Cambodia derivatives market and be a symbol of the highest international standards.

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