Goldwell Capital Shares Market Outlook of 2020 at SECC

As one of the leading derivatives brokers in Cambodia, Goldwell Capital actively participated in meetings and trainings with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia(SECC). On Friday February 21, 2020, Goldwell Capital was invited to join capacity building spelling with SECC to conduct sharing and training session for a third time.

The training started with welcome remarks by H. E Mr. Sou Socheat, Director General of SECC. He expressed his gratefulness to the Goldwell Capital management for sharing on these important subjects. He encouraged all SECC participants to share and use what they have learned since it is one of the key ways to empower Cambodian about financial market. Before ending his speech, H. E Mr. Sou Socheat emphasized on the possibility to conduct more training as a sequence on this topic.

The training was conducted to elaborate on the concept and provide more insight about market trend, current financial products and financial technology shared by Mr. George Black, Chief Financial Advisor of Goldwell Capital and Mr. Naoto Arase, Head of Fintech of Goldwell Capital, both of whom have add more than 60 years of experience in derivatives trading.

Derivatives Market is still new compared to other sectors in Cambodia. Besides explaining the theories, both speakers included an exercise to analyze on trading trend of a currency. This was the most interesting and exciting part of the training as all participants wanted to apply the strategies they have learned.

The training brought an unforgettable and interactive experience about Financial Market to all participants and pleased H. E Mr. Sou Socheat’s expectation.

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