The Most Sparkling Spring in Last Four Years
Goldwell Capital Successfully Organizes 5 Days Full of Motivation, Unity, and Opportunities

In late 2019, the novel coronavirus started shocking the world. At some points, it got worse or receded, unpredictably. However, this global unprecedented incident has been gradually under control for the last two years. At Goldwell Capital (GWC), not only has it conquered all occurring difficulties but also just celebrated its one of the most sparkling spring seasons since the outbreak’s existence.

It was just said “celebrated one of the most”, which explicitly means that GWC is always resilient and progressive regardless of any circumstances. Despite the pause in global economic activities, GWC still produced results assured by its ever-strong motivation, unbreakable unity, and golden investment opportunities.

In Cambodia, GWC is well-known as one of the most successful brokers taking a leading part in serving both Cambodians and foreigners to protect and grow their wealth through its impeccable client services, top-notch professional consultation, and diverse investment products. With these, GWC partially contributes to global economic growth.

Building on the above successes, GWC and its all partners are unstoppable when it comes to launching bigger and more collaborative activities and opportunities.

From March 31 to April 04, 2023, GWC gathered numerous participants from various regions including Cambodia, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, in order for them to witness the progress of the Kingdom of Wonder, then creating wonderful things in terms of life-work improvement, team spirit building across the countries, and countless opportunities in many investment fields.

The five-day event was in collaboration with Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX), PP Link Securities (PPLS), Indonesia-based Mentari Mulia Berjangka, PropNex Cambodia Prominent, Lukfook Jewellery Cambodia, CDX Residence, Urban Rental Management, Golden Tower, Saniswiss, and Belt & Road Association.

At first, the campaign started with a two-day motivation training which is the most constructive strategy to equip all participants with inspiration, encouragement, and fun from every session conducted.

GWC Chief Executive Officer Mr. George Black was so confident that every participant enjoyed the training and took it for work and life improvement.

“Working together as a family, we have thrived to maintain a healthy relationship and team spirit. To achieve that, the company has put lots of efforts into creating a series of motivation training, which is a brand-new training and well appreciated by all trainees. As such, we will continue our commitment to developing more training in the future,” said Mr. George Black.

Everything of the training went pretty well followed by the next day which was remarkable, too. All business leaders from most of the aforementioned companies presented their respective business presence and vision as well as discussed holistic business development on how they could bring more regarding business operations and new business nature creation in the Cambodian market.

One of the most interesting points of the discussion was about the insight sharing of Cambodia’s investment opportunities in the post-Covid-19 era. The sharing also included the securities market which has consistently been promoted by Cambodia market regulator Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), the market operator Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), securities brokers, and all relevant stakeholders.

Mr. Lawrence Kook, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CDX, said that, “CDX is at your service. Under the guideline and supervision of SERC, we work hand in hand to educate both local and international citizens about the market whether local securities or international equity investments starting from regulations, investment know-how, methods, risk managements, and more.”

It should be noted that Cambodia’s securities market, like the mature markets of developed countries around the world, is also eligible for foreign citizens. Therefore, after offering precise information related to securities investment opportunities in Cambodia, the event also brought foreign participants to visit banks such as Sathapana Bank, Acleda Bank, and Wing Bank, and assisted them in opening bank accounts as they wished, so that they could take the first step to start investing in Cambodia’s authorized securities market.

On the last day, the training participants organized a charity event at Les Restaurants Des Enfants (LRDE) located in the Toul Tompoung area of Phnom Penh. The main purpose was to partly contribute to LRDE’s project aimed at supporting underprivileged children, beggars, and orphans. More or less, the intention itself could serve as a great example for everyone to share love and happiness, and then we all can live in a better world.

The rest of the agenda was about cheerful time at parties and gatherings around Phnom Penh. Through those moments, they could have fun together, share experiences, raise their comments, and encourage one another.

During the parties, one of the participants could not wait to give honest feedback that there were no barriers due to languages, cross cultures, or else. They felt free to express themselves and learn from others. For communication, they could speak in their native languages or English or get translation support as the event had an excellent translation team.

GWC successfully accomplished such an event in 2023. This is one of its most sparkling spring celebrations, not only because it brought about this achievement, but also because it kept marking many milestones along the way. In the years to come, GWC’s ever-strong motivation, unbreakable unity, and golden investment opportunities will continue to create more success for the good of its valued clients, investment fields, and global economic growth.

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