Newbie Gift! Goldwell kick-off 2020 “Qi Fu Plan”!

[New Client “Qi Fu” Reward], [No Threshold $500 “Qi Fu Balance” Trial Account] Double great choice, experience whenever you want

Activity Period: January 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020

Activity Detail:
Clients can choose one of the following activities based on their personal investment experience:

Activity I: [New Client “Qi Fu” Reward]
(1) After a new client successfully opens an account and deposits a minimum amount of USD 1,000 to the real trading account and will instantly rewards of USD 88 credit bonus amount. The credit bonus amount can be used for trade and resisted losses;

(2) After obtaining the credit bonus amount, the accumulated of transaction reaches 2 Standard Lot or above the reward of $ 88 bonus will be officially deposited, and the bonus can be withdrawal at any time;

(3) If the client applies for the withdrawal or transfer the amount to other account without meeting the transaction lot requirements, the above credit bonus amount will be deducted (cancelled);

Activity II: [No Threshold $500 “Qi Fu Balance” Trial Account]
(1) After a new client successfully opens an account, also can apply for Qi Fu Balance Trial Account at the same time (herein after referred to as “Qi Fu account”, each client only allowed to open one of Qi Fu account);

(2) The Qi Fu account contains 500 trial funds for trading. The trial funds do not support to withdrawn or transfer. During the validity period the profit reaches 200 trial funds or more, the client can apply transfer the profit portion of 10:1 trial funds to client’s other account which is at the same name, the maximum transfer amount is 500 trial funds (USD$50);

(3) The valid period of the Qi Fu after the account successfully opened and start calculated on the next day, for the entire month of trading day. After the expiration, trading will be prohibited, and all open positions will be closed. If the profit does not apply transferred to the real account within one month after the validity period, the client is deemed to have given up the profit amount, and the Qi Fu account will be cancelled;

(4) Double Up! After the Qi Fu account profit have been transferred to the real account by proportion, the profit bonus can be withdrawn unconditionally (Max USD$50). If the client deposits minimum USD$1,000 into the real account and accumulates 1 standard lot or more, the profit bonus can be doubled up (Max USD$100);

(5) The client’s personal information of the Qi Fu account and the real account must be completely same, otherwise all profits obtained from these activities and transferred will be deemed invalid.

Addition Explanation:

1. The activities are applicable to newbie account opening during the promotion period;

2. The deposit requirement mentioned in activities 1 and 2 is the first deposit requirement;

3. Each client only allowed applying for one trading account on these activities, additional accounts are not applicable.

4. If the client is involved in abnormal transaction conditions or paired transactions with different accounts (including Qi Fu account), the company has the right to terminate the eligibility for the client activities;

5. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

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