The excellent Journey starts, after the Games completed successfullyWarm congratulations to Cambodia-Macau New Year's Cup 2019 of International Friendship Football games completed successfully

The Grand Event of Two days ended successfully, completed with the seminar, food, music, football match, Goldwell Capital to brings of China-Cambodia people with a full-scale sensory feast that combines sight, hearing, and taste.

As a sponsor, Goldwell Capital invited the Cambodian Securities Regulatory Commission (SECC) officials supporting and to attend the event. Cambodian Securities Commission Chairman Mr. H.E.Sou Socheat and Vice-Chairman H.E.Sok Dara came to guide. Those two VIP guests are very grateful to Goldwell Capital for the leadership and promotion of the financial derivatives market in Cambodia. They said that they will continue to strengthen the supervision and control of the entire market and push towards the existing regulatory system to another excellence level. Traders are also strongly encouraged to choose brokers with licenses to invest and to protect their assets and rights. At the same time, Mr. George Black and Mr. Naoto Arase, Chief trading consultants of Goldwell Capital, gave a wonderful speech of derivatives trading products of the “Double Revenue 2020 program”. They sharing their professional knowledge and experience to every participant in the audience in a relaxed and humorous way. All guests were full of interest, actively asked questions, professional knowledge achieved, a bunch of gifts and returned with excitement.

After the seminar, the wonderful band performance spark enthusiasm for all guests. Cambodian Singer G-Devith, Nico, Sonya brought their guests into a world of musical, mixed with the unique voice from rock & roll to love songs. The venue was filled with joyful cheers. At the same time, the cuisines of various countries are listed, the guest’s excitement will never complete without passions of music and world-class delicacies. Among them, German craft beer has become everyone’s favorite. The mellow taste, with a slight sweetness, uses a sincere ingenuity quality to gain everyone’s praise.

The climax of the Cambodia – Macau football match Events. The symbolized friendship and passion Games started witnessed by the audience, and the whole journey of the games all the audience was so excited and cheerful. Along with the national anthems of these two countries, the solemn atmosphere brought everyone into this game of glory and friendship. The cheerleaders are enthusiastic, cheering and passions with every stretch of action. The players fight hard and show the charm of football with their own strength. The audience in the stands cheered enthusiastically and used the power of sound to interpret every exciting moment. From the game’s stadium to the audience area, from players to spectators, passion and vitality become the tacit understanding of the entire venue. Upside down of the games, the strength from two sides of the match. Play hard with strength is the best respect for football and opponents, and the fairest game rules in sports.

The event ended with full of unwilling. 2019 records our passionate celebration. Looking forward to 2020, Goldwell Capital will lead your excellent journey. As a derivative commodity broker with formal qualifications, Goldwell Capital provides you with the most professional and meticulous services. It is also willing to provide a common opportunity for all people who follow or have not followed us to create joy of the carnival gathering. More surprises stay tuned with Goldwell Capital!

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