GWC stock CFD product weekly dividends notice 20200629

Dear Valued Clients and Brand Ambassador

According to the market data,from 29 Jun to 3 Jul period , there are payment dividends of three stock CFD products, the details as follows:

Week 29 Jun 2020 – 03 Jul 2020
Share CFD Share Code Ex-Date Dividend
per Share
American Express Company #AXP 1- Jul-20 0.43 USD
Cisco Systems, Inc. #CSCO 2- Jul-20 0.36 USD
J P Morgan Chase & Co #JPM 2- Jul-20 0.9 USD

*If the clients holds a Long (Buy) position will be able to receive dividends, holding a short (Sell) positions will be need to pay dividends.

*Dividend will be calculated at the end of the trading day before the ex-date

Goldwell Capital

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