Mr. George Black, Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital Co., Ltd. He manages business operation and overalls resources of the company, as well as engages with board of directors and management team. He provides inspired leadership to executive team, establishes a great working relationship with the board of directors and sets the course for business development strategy.

Mr. George Black is a master at many different business aspects but not limited to managing profitability, strategic planning, quality management, promotion of process improvement and market forecasting. In addition to business operation, he also supports driving the financial planning of the company, performing risk management by analyzing liabilities and investments of the liabilities, and deciding investment strategies by considering cash flow and liquidity risks.

With his rich experiences and excellent speaking skills, Mr. George Black is also recognized as a proficient speaker, throughout the years he has been invited   to deliver a speech to various companies in different counties and cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc. Furthermore, Mr. George Black organized numerous seminars to educate investors on financial products and financial technology. His major was even recognized by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) and he was invited to provide professional training for Cambodia government regulatory.

Mr. George Black set foot in Cambodia and shared his over 20 year’s industry experience to the local financial market, because he believes the local derivatives industry can help change the lives of the Cambodian, giving them new opportunities to create wealth and protect their businesses.

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