Precautions to The US Non-Farm Payroll Data Trading Rules 20230505 (Important Notice)

Dear Clients & Brand Ambassador,

The US Non-Farm Payroll data is released on Friday, 05th May 2023, at 19:30, Cambodia time (12:30 GMT). Starting from 17:00, Cambodia time (10:00 GMT) the level of the minimum gap pips between the market price and the limit order price will be adjusted as follows; for Forex products will be adjusted to 200 Points (20Pips), Gold products adjust to USD$5 , Silver and Crude oil CFDs at USD$0.50, and other CFD products are adjusted to 500 points. If the market volatility returns to normal, the above changes on pending orders setting will be resumed back to normal after the Non-Farm Payroll data is released half hour later.


30 minutes before NFP being released (GMT 13:00) until Market Closed, all the pending orders for instant products (i.e., XAUUSDf, XAUUSDfv, XAGUSDf, XAGUSDfv) including all the new orders and the current limit/stop orders will be adjust to Market Execution Rule. The settle price will be liquidated in accordance with the current market price. Please be noticed that there may be a price difference between the executed prices and the order prices.


The market fluctuates fiercely during the release of Non-Farm Payrolls. Please kindly pay attention to the open positions on your trading account to avoid being affected by fluctuations.


Goldwell Capital

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