Deposit Guideline

Method1: Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is when a payer entrusting a certain amount of money to a bank to send to a bank of the payee by means of telegraph, telex, or interbank financial telecommunications network, and to instruct the bank to collect a certain amount of money from payee. Bank transfer is safe, reliable and globally accessible. In addition, due to the time required for bank transfer and in order to avoid missing investment opportunities for customers, as soon as Goldwell receives bank transfer receipts, Goldwell will immediately deposit the transferred funds into the clients’ trading account, allowing clients to order trades and seize every opportunity.

First Step: Fill in Documents

The clients remit money through their local bank to the bank account under the name of Goldwell. Please go to the bank to fill out the overseas remittance application form according to the bank’s regulations.

Bank Transfer Document:

Please log in to the online customer service center to view.
Second Step: Submit Receipt
After fund transferred, please submit the deposit reference (receipt), along with the clients’ name and account number to Goldwell for review
Submission Method:
Send to

Deposit Information

1.The clients must be the ultimate beneficiary of the deposited funds.
2.The clients must comply with all Anti-money laundering & counter-terrorist financing laws. Under no circumstances will the company accept deposits from non-beneficiary (third parties).
3.Since the company must perform diligence procedures in accordance with the requirements of the regulator, should the clients fail to submit the deposit reference or the bank account information is incomplete, it may result in the delay in the arrival of the transaction account funds. We invite clients to kindly pay attention.
4.When the funds are successfully deposited into the trading account, the company will notify the clients by e-mail and/or SMS according to the instructions.

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