Bullion Product Sheet and Trading Terms



Contract Unit/ Lot

Standard Margin

Tick Size

Tick Value

Spot Gold/USD





1.0 USD

Spot Silver/USD





2.5 USD



1:100 or 1:200 for Spot Gold / 1:50 or 1:100 for Spot Silver

The margin hedge is 10% of the new open position margin, which means the sum of one buy and one sell of the hedge position is 20% of one new open position margin

Leverage ratio of trading accounts does not apply to Bullion product

Time Zone and Trading Session

Trading Platform Time Zone: GMT+2 (Daylight Saving Time GMT+3)

Trading Session: GMT+2/+3 Monday 01:01 – Friday 23:40

Hours of break session: GMT+2/+3 00:00 – 01:00

Calculation of Trading Profit and Loss

Calculation of Trading Profit and Loss = ( sell price – buy price ) × contract unit × contract volume

For example, client buys two lots of XAUUSDu at 1,649.30, then closes the position at 1,658.90 :

P&L is (1,658.90 – 1,649.30) × 100 × 2 lots = USD 1,920

Calculation of Swap

Daily Swap Calculation and Process Time: GMT +2/+3 23:59, 3-days-swap will be charged on every Wednesday.

Swap Amount per Trading Day = contract unit of base currency × contract volume × buying or selling swap / 360

For example, client buy 2 lots of XAUUSDu at a price of 1,649.3, and closes the position a day later, then the swap is -0.6% :

(1,649.3 × 100 × 2 × -0.6%) / 360 = – USD 5.5

Pending Order

Validity Term of Pending Orders:

1. Take-Profit and Stop-Loss orders on the existing open position are always valid unless canceled by clients themselves

2. New pending orders are valid until the Friday closing, or cancelled at the time specified by the client (whichever the earlier)

The points gap between the price of pending orders and the market price under normal market conditions: 100 points

*When a price gap occurs, the system’s automatic stop-loss mechanism shall prevail.

Spread and Execution Type

Execution Type (pending orders included): Market price filling

Spread: Floating spread for XAUUSDu and XAGUSDu

XAUUSDf and XAUUSDfv are gold products with a fixed spread of USD0.5 under normal market conditions.

XAGUSDf and XAGUSDfv are silver products with a fixed spread of USD0.04 under normal market conditions.

*During the daily closing of the New York market to 08:00 Beijing Time, the fixed spreads will be widened: Gold 0.7 and Silver 0.06.

*The floating spreads or fixed spreads will be widened under high-volatility market conditions or when major news is released.

NOP and Trading Volume

NOP for one single direction of every bullion products of each account (including sub accounts) will be 100 lots

*The limit for the position-holding of XAUUSDf and XAGUSDf is 10 lots of standard contracts respectively.

For XAUUSDu or XAGUSDu, the volume range per click is 0.01 to 20 standard contracts.

For XAUUSDf or XAGUSDf, the volume range per click is 0.01 to 5 standard contracts.

For XAUUSDfv or XAGUSDfv, the volume range per click is 1 to 20 standard contracts.

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