Refund Policy

Under special situation, Goldwell Capital may refund deposits to clients.
In this case, deposits will be refunded to the bank account used for the deposit and clients have the right to terminate his/her account at any time. The company will approve the termination of the account if:

1.There is no activated trading

2.Under no investigation on the terms in progress, if the account has no payable fee, the company will terminate the account according to the client’s request.
A refund request can be made when the account has been deposited but no transaction has been made. In this case, the refund will be returned on the original deposit. The maximum refund amount is the full amount of the refund requested minus any fees charged by the merchant, unless there are other arrangements.
Refund requests take 5-10 working days to process. All other requests will be categorized as withdrawals and will be processed using relevant methods and procedures.

3.If any abuse or fraud is detected, Goldwell Capital reserves the right to request a refund based on the company’s terms and conditions.
Clients can choose to refund after deducting the fee, and the final refund amount is the client’s balance. In order to accept the refund, the client needs to provide sufficient identification information. After receiving the required information, Goldwell can process the request and will refund the relevant account within the same deposit method.

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