$88 Double Up, Newbies Power Up

Promotion Details:


1. Duration: October 12 – December 31, 2020


2. Qualification:

  • The promotion is applicable to customers who have opened account or have not made the first deposit during the period
  • ID documents include 2, 0, 8 of any 2 digits
  • Deposit with $2000 USD or more


3. Deposit Requirement:

On the day of the first deposit, with $1000 deposit amount, customer will receive welcome bonus $88; if deposit with $2000 can receive another bonus $88 for this time promotion


4. Bonus Releasement:

$88 Double Up (total $176 USD) will release as a credit bonus into the trading account, which can use to cover trading loss immediately, can be withdrawn afterward with fulfilling the trade condition. The bonus will be deducted if apply to withdraw or transfer without fulfilling the trade condition


5. trade Lots Requirement:

Trading with 2 standard lots or more, the welcome $88 bonus will be deposited afterward, with more than 4 standard lots, the bonus will be double up and be deposited after,. The period for fulfilling the trade lots requirement will expire at the end of 30 Jun 2021 trade day


6. New customers are limited to participate with one account only.


7. If customer’s trades involve abnormal trading mode and include but not limit with “Pair Trading”, “High-Frequency Trading”. etc., the qualification will be cancelled after verification.

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