Goldwell Capital Invited to Participate in
"2022 China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum"

Date: December 18, 2022

Channel: Online Forum

Since 2004, school of Economics of Peking University and Peking University’s China Credit Research Center have joined forces with 55 institutions of higher learning and more than 20 national industry associations in China to hold the “China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum” every year, and it has been held 15 sessions successfully so far.

The global economy has entered the post-epidemic era, and after the gradual liberalization of China’s pandemic prevention policies, new development opportunities have emerged. In view of this, the theme of the 2022 China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum is “Chinese Modernization and the New Journey of Social Credit System Construction”. This forum was divided into four parallel sub-forums, the 16th National Credit System Construction Experience Exchange Annual Conference, and other core content sections to conduct in-depth research on important issues in the new journey of China’s social credit system construction. More than 300 people including leaders, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from various industries across the country attended the forum. Representatives of Goldwell Capital were also invited to participate in this forum.

At the opening ceremony in the morning, Professor Liu Wei, former president of Renmin University of China and a member of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Mr. Liu Min, director of the Credit Supervision and Management Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Wan Cunzhi, counselor of the People’s Bank of China and former director of the Credit Bureau, Wang Wei, director of the Civil and Commercial Economic Law Department of the Political and Legal Department of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China (National School of Administration), and Zhang Zheng, director of the Organizing Committee of the China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum as well as director of the China Credit Research Center, expounded on the social credit system from multiple perspectives. Everyone expressed his or her views on how to build and develop the system, and jointly pushed the discussion atmosphere of the forum to a climax.

In the afternoon session of thematic forum, there were four sub-forums: “Social Credit System in the Process of Chinese-Style Modernization”, “Urban and Rural Credit Governance under the Background of Comprehensive Rural Revitalization”, “Credit Market Construction and Credit Legislation Practices in the Digital Economy “, and “New Development Patterns on the Positioning and Development of the Credit Service Industry”.

Among them, Han Jiaping, director of the Credit Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce of China, presided over the third sub-forum “Credit Market Construction and Credit Legislation Practices in the Digital Economy”, discussing credit legislation practices and cutting-edge policies such as credit market construction and data privacy protection. As the deputy director of the forum organizing committee, Mr. Lawrence Kook, director and CEO of Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX), was invited as a special guest speaker of the sub-forum.

Mr. Lawrence Kook said that,”The development of individuals, enterprises and the country is inseparable from the word ‘integrity’. The spirit of honesty and laws first are also the foundation of our group’s development. Our group always bears in mind, and implements this concept. Especially in the current era of rapid development, we are willing to undertake this mission to bring China’s good credit system construction to Cambodia and drive the overall improvement of the international credit system construction.” His speech was well received by the audience’s warm applause and unanimous affirmation.

Goldwell Capital has been committed to promoting the progress of Cambodia financial industry, and the construction of credit system is an important part. Goldwell Capital was invited to participate in this forum, which is the affirmation and trust of the China Credit Research Center of Peking University in the credit construction work of the company. In the future, Goldwell Capital will carry the sense of responsibility and mission on “popularizing credit knowledge and developing credit economy” and will make greater contributions to the construction and development of Cambodia’s credit system.

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