Goldwell Capital Joins the 10th Anniversary of Institute of Credit and LawBringing about New Development Focuses in the Digital Era

On September 26, 2021, Goldwell Capital was invited to attend the 10th anniversary of the Institute of Credit and Law of China Credit Research Center of Peking University, under the theme of “Credit Paradigm and System Construction in the Digital Era”. Partially aligned with the major purposes of the China 14th Five-Year Plan, it is mandatory for the university and its alliance, including Goldwell Capital, to endlessly advance holistic development approaches within the realms of modernity and globalization across the perspectives of economics and law.

This event attracted many senior leaders with various backgrounds, experts from competent departments, famous scholars, and people from all walks of life in the educational and financial industries.

Institute of Credit and Law inherits the hardworking attitude with realism and innovation in researching and discovering new methods and thoughts from Peking University, focusing on studying the basic governance of economic development and its construction, with the accompanying and proportional development of China’s credit and trust foundation. Throughout these 10 years, the institute has made remarkable contribution to building a society of trust and a healthier economic sector while providing practical theories and solid experiences along with new discoveries.

Particularly for Cambodia’s derivatives market, Goldwell Capital—one of Cambodia’s leading derivative brokerage firms—was honored to have our management presence at the event contributing input into the discussion about “The vital transformation of social credit construction to a new stage”, as a prominent demand for the institutionalization of credit system construction including marketization and digitization needs acceleration.

Absorbing the main conclusive blueprints inspired by the event’s purposes, Goldwell Capital foresees that all new focuses on the creation and promotion of innovative development based on modernity will commit our company to successfully putting in an appearance and implementing new plans and directions, which will upgrade our business’s future milestones and merits for our clients as well as the whole industry.

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