Leaping to Peak through Non-Farm Payrolls Night

U.S. Non-Farm Employment data has always been closely watched by global investors. It is an employment indicator surveyed and published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor. U.S. Non-Farm Employment data can comprehensively reflect the creation, loss, wage, and working hours of U.S. jobs, which plays a crucial impact on the market trends and changes in the financial world.

On November 03, 2023, with much anticipation, Goldwell Capital held the “Leaping to the Peak through the Non-Farm Payrolls Night” event at Golden Tower, Phnom Penh.

Mr. George Black, Chief Executive Officer of Goldwell Capital, delivered a speech for the event that, “Since early 2023, the global situation has been complicated and confusing, and geopolitical crises have intensified, including the continuation of the Russia-Ukraine war, the outbreak of conflicts between Palestine and Israel, the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes, overseas inflation squeeze, continued shrinking trade, and various complex market environments. All of these have taken part in making investors face unprecedented challenges”.

“On the other hand, volatility of the financial market represents opportunities. No matter which strategy you choose, it would be best to make decisions based on your own risk tolerance and investment goals. Therefore, continuous learning and self-improvement are top priorities,” added Mr. George Black.

During the event, Goldwell Capital also carefully arranged a trading competition session for the guests who would use the demo accounts provided by the company to participate in the competition on the spot to win prizes.

As scheduled for release, the Non-Farm Payrolls data made the market volatile. Meanwhile, the guests tried their best to make returns from their trading, practically improving their trading skills for future use. With the ups and downs of the market, the atmosphere was quickly ignited and unforgettable.

The event started and ended with applause. Valuable events always resonate with investors. Hence, Goldwell Capital will continue to strive and provide investors with more high-quality knowledge and events for a vigorous development of the derivatives industry with a positive attitude.

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