2024-Welcome, Fantastic Beginning

1. Promotion Period: January 01st, 2024 to December 31st, 2024

2. Participants: New clients during the promotion period or existing clients who have not deposited before the promotion are referred to as “New Clients.”

3. A new client who successfully opens an account and deposits a minimum of USD 1,000 into the trading account is eligible to get a bonus of USD 100 in credit. The credit bonus can be traded immediately and withstand losses.

Welcome New Year’s Fortune Benefit!

For new clients who deposit a minimum of USD 1,000 to the trading account within the period of January 01st-31st, 2024, they will receive an additional USD 28 of credit, totaling the credit bonus of USD 128!

4. New customers who successfully open an account and deposit the corresponding account opening amount into the official trading account will automatically receive the bonus reward for this activity.

5. Within 2 natural months after receiving the credit bonus, if the new client reaches the cumulative of 2 standard lots (CFD Equities excluded) or more, the credit bonus will be officially deposited into the trading account balance and can be withdrawn at any time.

*Example: New customer A completes account opening on January 18, 2024, and deposits US$1,000 in the official trading account. On January 30, when the cumulative transaction reaches 2 standard lots (CFD stocks are not included), he will receive US$128. Bonus rewards can be withdrawn at any time.

6. If the clients request a withdrawal or transfer before they meet the trading lot requirements, or if the trading lot requirements cannot be reached within 2 natural months, the above-mentioned credit will be deducted.

7. This promotion is limited to one participant per client, including additional accounts with the same client’s name and accounts with different names but operated by the same client.

8. Goldwell Capital reserves the right to terminate the client’s activity qualification if the client is involved in abnormal trading or pairs trading with different trading accounts.

9. Goldwell Capital reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of dispute, the Goldwell Capital decision shall be final.

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