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Promotion Details:


 1.  Duration: October 12 – December 31, 2020


2.  Qualification:

Clients need to complete the trading lot requirement during the fund’s retention period to be qualified to redeem the gift. Gifts will be given according to the four levels of net deposit as below:

Level 1: $3,000 – $9,999.99

Level 2: $10,000 – 29,999.99

Level 3: $30,000 – 99,999.99

Level 4: $100,000 or above (Customized gifts selected by customers)


3.  The deposit period will be any consecutive five trading days during the promo period. All types of deposit are counted in this event. The transfer from account with the same name is not counted unless it is a new deposited fund while the transfer from account with different name is not counted anyways.


4.  During the promo period, all the deposit and withdrawal of all main accounts and additional accounts of customers will be calculated in net deposit.


5.  Please inform the customer service team via email or website after the last deposit. The customer service team will confirm the gift level of the customer.


6.  Both additional accounts with the same name or accounts with different names operated for the customers can only choose one to join the promo. Each customer can only join the promo once.


7.  The levels of each account will be calculated separately. If both main accounts and additional accounts of the same clients reach to different reward standard, the gift will be given according to the highest standard reached by the customer.


8.  The gifts cannot be redeemed as cash.


9.  Customer service team will confirm the details of the customized gifts by mail after the customer apply for the level 4 gift redemption. If the gift selected by the customer is not available in his/her region, Goldwell will provide a gift voucher instead.


10.  The trading lot requirement refer to the minimum amount of each gift level. For example, under the circumstances of $1,000 deposit, 1 lot needs to be completed (closed position) (CFD stock products excluded). Starting from the first deposit day, that is, the application day, the number of trading lots will be counted in the following two natural months.


11.  Fund’s retention period: After the deposit completed, the account will have 2 natural months of the fund’s retention period, in which the month of application is excluded. The withdrawal amount in this period cannot exceed the minimum deposit amount of the gift level (other types of deposit and withdrawal excluded).


12.  The gift will be given within 4 weeks after the retention is completed.

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