Work together to weather the storm. Goldwell Capital donates supplies to support Wuhan.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Goldwell Capital (“Goldwell”) has been paying close attention and has carried out various activities to dedicate love to the frontline. Among them, “a letter to the spring” integrates different languages and blessings from all over the world to support and console Wuhan. Meanwhile, Goldwell actively participates in the work of material supply, using practical action to ensure the personal safety of frontline staff.

During this difficult period, Goldwell raised a total of 15,000 masks. Those masks were hand over to Wuhan from different location, destination to Jingzhou Central Hospital and Hubei Tumour Hospital in Hubei Province, provide supplies for frontline staff. Mr. Punlok Chea, the CEO of Goldwell, and Mr. George Black, the Chief Financial Advisor of Goldwell, in order to realize the values of materials on the frontline, they inspect the quality and transportation of masks to ensure that each batch of masks has quality assurance and deliver smoothly.

The virus is ruthless, but we believe love is all around. Materials are a key barrier against the epidemic. In order to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of materials to the frontline medical staff, Goldwell enrolls the forces around it to escort the materials. Thanks to every colleague and partner who helped with material transportation. Every kilometer of the transportation is full of difficulties and trials, and it also bears a responsibility and dedication. Responsibility gathers strength, and strength creates hope. It is a joint effort of everyone, which ignites hope for Wuhan and China.

From the enterprise to the frontline of the epidemic, Goldwell has been adhering to a sense of corporate social responsibility to help the epidemic. Distance does not affect mutual help. Mountains and rivers will not block the transmission of love, and distance will not hinder our actions. Goldwell will continue to take on this sense of social responsibility, contribute its own strength and wish the world a good life.

In the name of love, to warm people’s hearts. China fighting, the world fighting!

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